10 Powerful Things I Love About Network Marketing

Today I share the TOP 10 things that I love about the Network Marketing business model.


The experience of working anything from minimum wage jobs to building 2 traditional businesses, has been an invaluable point of reference to truly appreciate the Network Marketing.

Here are 10 powerful things I really love about the Network Marketing business model.

10) Equal Playing Field

Leave your resume at home. Network marketing companies are not interested in your credentials. It doesn’t matter what school you went to, what grades you attained, or if you went to school at all. Your background, religion, or gender is irrelevant. Past work experience doesn’t factor in to the equation. Your bank account doesn’t count, and the costs to start are very modest. As long as you represent yourself with integrity, and uphold the policies set forth by the company, then everybody is welcome with open arms. It truly is an equal playing field, and everybody starts from scratch. The people who work the hardest will earn the most money, regardless of “who is under who.” You are compensated based on your production, which is the only form of compensation that makes complete sense.

9) A Beautiful Philosophy

The philosophy of this business model is that you must help others succeed in order for you to succeed. It is a function of the servant mentality, which is 180 degrees to the corporate world. How different would our world be if everybody was encouraging each other, working together in teams, and helping each other “hands-on” with collective benefits for everyone involved?

8) Recognition

Recognition is probably one of the most sought after human desires, and most people go through life deficient of this “vitamin.” Network marketing does recognition better than anything else I have ever seen or heard of. When you reach a milestone with your company, whether big or small, you are going to be acknowledged by your company and organization. This cannot be overstated – the drive to be recognized for one’s accomplishments is often stronger than the financial reward attached.

7) Support

Nowhere else in the world can you start a turn-key business with very little up-front costs, and receive all kinds of backend support and powerful business building tools at your disposal. As per the philosophy of the business model, your upline leaders have every incentive in the world to coach you, teach you, train you, and help you become a hopeless success! There is a never ending resource of support – a night-and-day different compared to starting your own traditional business from scratch.

6) Flexibility

Work on your time, around your schedule, on your terms. No need to take the long frustrating commute to the office downtown. You also get to choose the people that you work with and spend your time with. Loads of flexibility within this business model. And if you need to take time off, go right ahead. There are no “penalties” for absence, and that is the beauty of residual income.

5) No Boss, No Employees

As a distributor for a network marketing company, you are your own boss. Its your business – you don’t work for the company, nor do you work for your sponsor. You are your own independent business owner. There is nobody to answer to – only yourself. You can potentially build an international organization, generating serious monthly income, without having to hire a single employee. This is something that is simply not possible for most people in traditional business.

4) Home Based Business Tax Advantages

As a distributor you are entitled to loads of tax write-offs just the same as any traditional business owner. You can write off things like your start-up costs, gasoline for travel, and a portion of your rent/mortgage (using part of your home as an office/presentation room). The complete list of write-offs is sizeable, and you should speak to your accountant about this. If you are working full-time, and do not have a business, you are missing out on potentially thousands of dollars on write-offs. It is advisable that you continue to work your job, while you build your network marketing business on the side. Your write-offs will apply to your total income, so you will come out a winner just by getting involved; regardless of your early successes or failures.

3) Leverage

I recognized this right away as a wealth principle in life. We can all agree that wealthy people are not sustaining their wealth on their own efforts, but rather on the efforts of a lot of other people. It is often said that it is better to have 1% of 100 peoples efforts, then 100% of your own effort. Why? Because you can get the same amount of production accomplished, without exhausting all of your time. Network marketing provides the greatest form of leverage, because everybody you leverage also has an equal opportunity for themselves. This to me is the purest form of free enterprise, and something that I am proud to be apart of.

2) Residual Income

Most people trade time for money in order to make a living (myself included for most of my life!) I would describe this as linear income, where you exchange your time for salary, wages, or commissions. The problem is if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. God forbid you are injured or sick and can’t make it into work the next day… how much do you earn? You don’t earn anything – a scary place to be. For my entire business career, I have searched high and low for the best way to earn a passive, residual income. Years ago, I was a student of residual income through vehicles such as investments and rental properties – the downside is there’s a considerable financial investment/risk involved. I participated to a modest degree, but my involvement was conservative because it never struck me as overly attractive. However when I saw the compensation plan for my company, I was completely blown away. Do something one-time, and get paid over and over again on that one effort. That is Residual income, and its hard to come by in life.  Network marketing provides an opportunity to receive the best form of compensation in the history of business, which is residual income.


1) Who You Become

Getting involved really opened my eyes to the world of personal growth and development. I wasn’t a big book reader before, but that has all changed thanks to network marketing – and for the better! I now have a backlog of books that I can’ t wait to get through. The experience of attending the company conventions/training events has ultimately changed my life, along with the influence of some incredible mentors both online and offline. I initially started my network marketing business for the same reason most people do – to make some additional income. However, the journey has been so much more enriching and rewarding. The person you grow to become through your dedication to your network marketing business, will ultimately be the most powerful reward of all.

To Your Empowerment,

To Your Empowerment,
Colin Vickers

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