5 BIG Network Marketing Team Building Mistakes

If you are building an MLM business, here are 5 common Network Marketing Team Building mistakes to avoid (All are easy to correct.)

5-big-mistakes-for-network-marketeing-team-buildingThe hardest part of Network Marketing is team building.

Are you struggling to get momentum within your group? I’ve been there.

Most of my Network Marketing Team Building struggles were the result of this simple error in thinking: I was not being 100% responsible for the growth of my team – 95% is not good enough.

You must be 100% responsible for your business.

When you’re placing blame on anything outside yourself, you forfeit all of your personal power to change your current situation.

You want to build a big Network Marketing Team, right? It all comes down to your mindset (see above), skills, and strategy.

Today I’m going to share with you 5 very common, yet easy-to-correct Network Marketing Team Building mistakes!

5 Simple Network Marketing Team Building Mistakes To Avoid

The mistakes mentioned here are all things that you can change over night, which will have a positive impact on your Network Marketing business quickly.

And by the way, I have made all these mistakes myself. I share them with you today, so you can bypass the pitfalls, and accelerate to the summit 🙂

Team Building Mistake #1: “Falling in love” with your team.

What do you mean Colin? Shouldn’t you become emotionally super close with your team, establish a deep friendship, and try to be well liked? Shouldn’t you help them sympathetically to deal with personal problems, or understand when they fall short on commitment xyz? … No.

You are a coach. You are a mentor, and a guide. You are the leader. This is a business. Your #1 goal is to find & develop leaders, and build a big business. Don’t get me wrong, there is time to have fun and be friends with your team. But you are a coach first, and everything else after that. You’ve got to have the tough conversations sometimes. You have to push the right people to step-up sometimes. You need take a stand for peoples goals and dreams, when they suffer from excusitis.

Don’t focus on being well liked. Focus on being well respected one day – because you took a stand for your people, lead them to build a big team, and helped change their family’s financial situation forever.

Team Building Mistake #2: Going out of communication.

Thinking that your new business partner “gets it” after the first or second time is a mistake. Don’t leave your new people for days on end without being in communication – This is a recipe for disaster.

Leaders communicate. Often, effectively, and efficiently. Be on-point when you communicate. Your time is always valuable. You should be the biggest promoter of events on your team. You should make sure that everybody knows what they’re doing, whats happening next, and why. Stay in touch, especially with new people, and key leaders.

Team Building Mistake #3: Being customer service.

Things happen. Thats business, and thats life. When problems happen, don’t take it all of your shoulders. Thats why your company has a customer service department and a distributor service department.

What you set in motion, tends to stay in motion.

Don’t set a precedence. If your team becomes comfortable with uploading problems to you (the leader,) you are doing both parties a dis-service. Your job as the leader is to build a big business, and your time must be focused on this almost exclusively. Although it is much easier for your team to come to you when there are problems, don’t allow this to happen. Handle these situations professionally, and suggest that the downline distributor contact the appropriate channels to handle their inquiry.

Team Building Mistake #4: Coaching everybody at the same level.

Here is a big MLM Team Building mistake. Not everybody is at the same level, so applying blanket-style coaching is ineffective to say the least.

Determine whether this new person is a crawler, a walker, a runner, or a quitter and coach them accordingly. Are they a shark, dolphin, whale, or urchin (4 personality types)? Coach them accordingly. Are they confident on the phone, or lack confidence? Coach them accordingly. Give less responsibility to the crawlers, and lots of responsibility to the runners. Support everybody, just in different ways. Use your gut, until you can use your experience.

Team Building Mistake #5: Doing it all yourself.

The grand-daddy of them all. This could arguably be the biggest Network Marketing Team Building mistake of all. This trap is so easy to fall into, its almost criminal. You think by “doing it all yourself” that you’re doing good for the team. After all, you’re working hard building the business, right? Wrong.

Your job is to develop self-sufficient independent leaders. If you’re going on appointments alone, stop immediately. Always have somebody with you that you’re training. Their job is to do nothing; just take notes and absorb.

The entire goal of Network Marketing is to build a team of self-sufficient, independent leaders who can build this business without you.

You must take the time to duplicate yourself, and not fall into the trap of running around doing everything yourself. It is so easy to fall into this trap, but resist at all costs.

Start training your people hands-on as they watch you in-action. Next time, they’ll do it while you watch them. Now you have empowered somebody else, and duplication is born.


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