7 Super Easy Cold Market Prospecting Tips

Here are 7 super easy Cold Market Prospecting tips that you can implement right away in building your Network Marketing business!


The first question is, should you be prospecting cold market for your MLM?

As long as it is done tactfully, nonchalantly, and professionally… then absolutely yes.

You could change that persons life!

The key though, is being professional at whatever recruiting strategy you are using.

In fact, I will build this entire cold market prospecting training around what it looks like to be a professional.

Ready? Lets jump into these network marketing cold market tips!

7 Simple Cold Market Prospecting Strategies

TIP #1 Lets start with a very important mindset tip when cold market recruiting.

Don’t be a hunter, simply feed the birds.

Don’t think about your potential prospect as prey, but rather open your hand palm-side-up and see if they like whats there. Do not be aggressive at all. Here is a good question to ask yourself regularly in life: “Who am I being?”

TIP #2

Smile all the time!

Be nice, be happy, and be friendly. This exudes attractiveness, and it displays confidence.

TIP #3 Here is a very important tip for any prospecting and recruiting situation.

Be in-tune.

If you say with a big smile “Hows it going!?” and your prospect looks away, or gives a sheepish one-word response, it is OK to stop right there. Prospects are constantly giving us information. We just have to look for the green lights, and the red lights, then respond accordingly. This is no different to cold marketing prospecting for a relationship! 🙂

Cold Market Prospecting Scripts

TIP #4

Create a break in communication.

This creates a smooth transition from chit-chat, to engaging them in a piquing question. Something like “I gotta run” or “I’m in a hurry” or “I gotta jump on a call.”

This does 2 additional important things. First, the subconscious mind understands intuitively that “busy people are successful.” Second, it allows you to lean on the fact that “you’re in a hurry” if they ask “whats it about.” Remember, to smile while creating your break in communication!

TIP #5

Give a sincere compliment.

If you authentically like them and felt some rapport, tell them “you carry yourself very well, I like that.” or “you have a very positive attitude, I like that.” Do not dish out insincere compliments, because people can smell this and its anything but professional.

TIP #6

Use a small takeaway.

Don’t do this with bravado or ego. Nonchalantly, let the potential prospect know in a subtle way that its not a guarantee. Here is what you say “I can’t promise you anything…” This is huge ladies and gentleman.

TIP #7

“Just curious…”

If you’re taking notes on these cold market recruiting scripts (you should be) make sure to write this one down. These 2 words are magic in creating an open door, and a non-threatening environment, to increase the chances that you will receive an authentic answer to any question that comes after it.

BONUS TIP #8: Cold Marketing Prospecting Script

“Are you the type that keeps their income options open, if it didn’t interfere with what you’re already doing?”

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