Easy Tips For Network Marketing Mindset

Looking for Network Marketing Mindset Training? These Easy Tips will help you think like a Network Marketing Professional.


Wondering how to develop entrepreneurial mindset?

If you’re involved in Network Marketing, Mindset Training is super important.

It is critical to handle rejection like a professional.

Since birth, we’ve probably heard the word “no” more than any other word in the entire dictionary. Ex. “We can’t have any candy, we can’t stay up late, we can’t take the car tonight, etc…”

Subconsciously we have been programmed to believe that “no” is bad, negative, or we are to blame.

As network marketers, we are obviously not going to sign up everybody we talk to.

Often times, hearing “no” causes huge emotional discomfort.

Sometimes it can even wipe people out of the game – and that is a shame.

A Network Marketing Professional thinks differently about rejection however.

Network Marketing Mindset For Success

In Network Marketing, like everything in life, having the right mindset is critical for success. Here is the professionals mindset surrounding rejection:

  • Before a Professional even opens their mouth to speak with a prospect, they are 100% emotionally detached from the outcome.
  • The professional is meticulous about their preparation, practice, and process. They know if their approach is flawless and professional, rejection is not a reflection of their personal performance.
  • A Professional Network Marketer hears the word “no” and replaces it with “not now – I’m not ready” in their head. Timing is very important, and peoples situations may change down the road.
  • Aside from timing, the 3 main reasons people say “no” are that they don’t believe in themselves (lack of confidence), they don’t believe the opportunity (skepticism), or they lack motivation (no desire.) Neither of these reasons have anything to do with you. These reasons have everything to do with the way the prospect thinks. So don’t worry!

Most professionals given enough time and skill development, will eventually recruit the majority of people that they have prospected over the years. “No” really mean “not now – I’m not ready.”

Now of course there are going to be certain people that will never get involved because of what could be referred to as “Extreme stubborn skepticism / negativity or absolutely zero desire.” These are the only situations where I recommend taking out your big sharpie marker, and crossing people off the list.

Otherwise, find a way to stay in touch with everybody you meet over the years.

So to wrap this up, try to always think like a Network Marketing Professional. Always remain emotionally detached from the outcome. “No” often means “not now – I’m not ready.”

Remember the reasons people say no – don’t take rejection personally. Find a Professional way to stay in touch, and one day the timing may be right.


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