A 100% Must-Have Habit For Success In MLM

Without this habit, Success in MLM is improbable. In this post not only will I reveal what this habit is, but you will learn exactly how to develop it!

habit success in mlmIts the habit of persistence. I wouldn’t stop reading here though. Did you know that there is an exact method for the development of persistence?

I am going to share that method with you.

Success in MLM or anything in life will require the development of this key habit.

Isn’t Persistence A Personality Trait?

No. Its a habit. And like any habit, it can be learned.

This is great news!

If you think you are doomed because you are just not a persistent person, think again.

Out of all the mlm techniques and network marketing success tips that are out there, developing the habit of persistence may trump most if not all of them.


The work must get done. Every day. Without deviation. If we fail to do the work, success in mlm is nothing more than a nice thought.

It may be making 20 calls per day. It may be making 1 call per day. It may be getting 2 new names and numbers every day. It may be working with a different member of your team every day. Whatever your plan is; whatever your system is; the most important thing is that the work gets done. Without fail. And this is where the habit of persistence comes in.

Persistence And Success In MLM

I am a huge fan of Napoleon Hill. Hill taught in his classic book Think And Grow Rich, that persistence is “the sustained effort necessary to induce faith.”

I am going to share with you an adoption of Hill’s formula for the development of the habit of persistence, with a direct application to the MLM business model.

1. Write down your definite purpose. What exactly is your goal? Put a date to it. Write down how it will feel having already achieved the goal.

2. Write down your action plan. Your action plan must be exact. Exactly how many calls are you going to make? Exactly how many new names and numbers are you going to collect? Exactly how, where, and when you are going to do this every day? Write your exact action plan down on the same piece of paper as above.

3. Close your mind to all negative influences. If somebody is being negative, pretend like you didn’t even hear it. Confidently smile inside, with pride. Limit your time around negative associations. Decide how much time you will spend on encouraging material such as personal development books, and blogs such as this one. Write down on the same piece of paper as above, that your mind is closed shut to all negative influence, and you commit to personal development for x minutes per day.

4. A mastermind alliance. This is simply a friendly alliance with one or more persons who are encouraging towards your definite purpose. The person(s) may be upline, downline, sideline, or not in your business at all. It must be comprised of people who are 100% behind you. Talk about your effort, victories, and triumphs during these sessions. Acknowledge yourself, and each other. The masterminding can be as simple as a phone call once a week. Or it could be a few times per week. Or a few minutes every day. Whatever your mastermind plan, write down on the same piece of paper exactly when you will mastermind, and with whom.

There you have it. These four simple steps will help build the habit of persistence. If you develop this all-important habit, success in MLM will be yours in only a matter of time.


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