An Honest MLM Closing Script W/Out Being Pushy Or Hypey

Have you ever been unclear as to where your prospect stands? THIS straight-shooting MLM Closing Script will fix that problem forever.

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Today I’m going to share a straight-forward mlm closing script word-for-word, that encourages the prospect to be honest so you can determine exactly where they stand after a presentation.

MLM Closing Script That Encourages Honesty

If you’re anything like me in the beginning, I was constantly leaving presentations in no-mans land. I was unclear as to what was going to happen next. Time would pass, and there would be no clear decision or conclusion.

Sound familiar?

Its time to put an end to this game of facades.

All we want is to determine the prospects authentic level of desire for collaborating with us, and making a financial shift in their life.

We’re looking for the truth. And it is up to us to facilitate this happening, through powerful, honest, and clear communication.

In a previous training I talked about the importance of being a straight-shooter after the presentation.

Now, its time for the “how-to.” This is one of the most powerful closing techniques in network marketing. It is a series of 3 MLM closing questions or options, in which the prospect then chooses from.

I have prepared this video for you to share this MLM closing script. Our goal is to simply find out where the prospect stands. We’re not looking to beg, bug, chase, or convince. All we want is the truth, and this way we’re not wasting anybodies time. HERE is how you can easily get to the truth:


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