How To Handle Negative Toxic People In MLM And Life

If you’re in network marketing and are experiencing negativity, todays message is going to address exactly how to handle negative people in MLM and in life.

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Just curious – Have you ever dealt with somebody who was extremely negative about network marketing or life in general? Perhaps you’ve recently had somebody try to tear you down, and you’re struggling to recover.

If you’ve ever been affected by this, I want you to know, I understand. From time to time throughout my career, and in several different businesses (MLM and non-MLM,) I have encountered toxic people.

This very important message I have prepared for you today, is all about how to handle negative people in MLM and in life.

How To Handle Negative People In Network Marketing

Being a nice person is a good thing. However, being a push-over is not. In our politically correct world, we have been subtly programmed to be overly sensitive to others opinions.

Opinions are like noses – Everybody has one, and everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But it doesn’t mean we should allow ourself to be influenced, nor affected by those opinions. It is your right to REJECT others opinions (internally) if you do not agree with them.

Today I want to encourage you to give yourself PERMISSION to have a thick skin.

If you’re easily affected by the opinions of others, its time to work on that. OK? You don’t deserve to ALLOW yourself to be affected in any way, shape, or form; let alone be bullied.

We teach people how to treat us.

In any kind of sales, network marketing, or service business, you are going to experience rejection, people who are upset, and people who are downright toxic. When you experience this, you have one simple job: Protect yourself.

Don’t quarrel, argue, or fight. Empathize as much as possible. Wish them well. But most importantly, protect yourself.

Our mind is the one thing that we have complete and unchallengeable control over. This is your birthright. Your philosophies, mindset, and vision are all 100% under your own control. Negative people can’t get into your head, unless you ALLOW them into your head. Make sense?

I have prepared this heart-to-heart video on how to handle negative people in MLM and life. Never allow anybody to push you off your vision, or steal your joy in any way, shape, or form. OK? – Promise?


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