Why You Should STOP Handling Objections In MLM

Ever had a prospect give you an objection to joining your network marketing business? My philosophy on How To Handle Objections may shock you.

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Today I’m going to share a (very different) philosophy on handling objections in MLM, and I think this will really help you make a mindset shift.

Overcoming Objections In Network Marketing

…Is a waste of time. Stop trying to do it!

Huh? Has Colin lost his mind??


Here is some food for thought.

If a prospect is willingly volunteering a reason why they don’t want to do the business, take them at face value! Now, this doesn’t mean that the objection they give you is the REAL reason. But, that is highly irrelevant. The takeaway for YOU is that this particular person is not the person you are looking for.

Remember, our job in network marketing is to collect decisions.

Not try to change peoples mind!

Now, lets go a little deeper here. Here is my full philosophy on how to handle objections in network marketing (without handling them.)


My philosophy is that I am looking for the RIGHT person. I am happy to authentically, politely, and professionally let somebody go when they begin throwing objections.

Now, does this mean that I have left some “could-have-been” team members on the table?


However, I would rather spend my time searching for and working with the RIGHT people, instead of spending my time convincing those who are looking for a way out.

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