Big Tip: How To Succeed In Network Marketing

MLM is a tough business. Our mindset is critical for success. Here is a powerful tip on How To Succeed In Network Marketing.

how to succeed in network marketingAt the time of this writing, it is December 24th 2015. I wanted to share a network marketing tip that dovetails well with this marvelous time of year. Merry Christmas to you if you celebrate Christmas, and happy holidays to everyone.

My mission with this blog is to continuously bring you content, training, and value to help you accelerate your success in network marketing. I often try to bring ideas to the table which are outside of the box, and hopefully you get value with todays tip on how to succeed in network marketing.

How To Succeed In Network Marketing With Love

For me, love is the centerpiece of this marvelous time of year. It is the heartbeat of the season. I believe it is important to keep this front and center. And we may apply this to our business as well with great success.

Network marketing is a people business. Life is also a people business. To be successful in network marketing, and in life, we should embrace everyday with love.

I’m not going to get mushy on you here. Instead, I am going to get practical.

Love: The Secret Sauce Of Success

Our mindset is so important to our success. Have you ever found yourself upset or bitter, because somebody close to you wasn’t supportive of your business? I have.

Network marketing success takes time. It takes years. We must keep our mindset positive if we’re going to make it. And loving people is a great way to help us stay positive.

Love negative people from a distance; from a far. Love all the people who said no – Its not their time. Love all the people who are skeptical. Love people for where they’re at. Love people for their strengths. Love people for being your fellow brother or sister. Love people because its your philosophy.

Greet every prospect with love. They will feel it. When sitting down with a prospect, take an authentic interest in their life. I can’t express enough how important this is.

We’re all on this journey together, called life. Some will join your business, and most won’t. Love everybody the same. I have prepared this video for you on the subject, with some more tips on how to succeed in network marketing. Enjoy the video!


I will greet this day with love in my heart. And how will I confront each whom I meet? In only one way. In silence and to myself I will address him and say I Love You. Though spoken in silence these words will shine in my eyes, unwrinkle my brow, bring a smile to my lips, and echo in my voice; and his heard will be opened. And who is there who will say nay to my goods when his heart feels my love? -Og Mandino

Action Items: Try to “be” love, as much as you can. If you’re serious about your success in network marketing, pickup the book “The Greatest Salesman In The World” by Og Mandino. This book has huge applications to our profession.

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