Why Your MLM Downline Is Quitting And How To Prevent It

Having your downline quit can be a challenging experience. If your MLM downline is quitting, this training will explain why AND help you prevent it in the future.

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When you’ve worked SO hard to build up a small or medium sized team in MLM, having your downline quitting on you is a very trying experience.

Truthfully, this is one of the main reasons that many could-have-been top producers were wiped out of the game.

I had no idea it would be this hard!

This is what I used to say to myself. I probably would have been wiped out of the game myself, had I not been blessed with something very special; something you probably have too.

Today I’m going to share why your downline is quitting, and how to prevent it.

Help! My MLM Downline Is Quitting

Lets say a member or several members of your downline have just quit! Perhaps this is the case for you right now. The first thing we’re going to address here is whether or not you could have done something to prevent this.

The answer is a luke-warm yes.

LUKE-WARM because as we grow and improve, we are better enabled to teach, coach, and guide our team. This ability comes with constant improvement, coupled with experience. So to say that we don’t play a role, would be nonsensical.

However, there is a BIGGER issue at hand here as to why your downline is quitting. Here it is:

Their character traits pre-determined that they would quit. This was set in stone well before you met them.

Their DNA, coupled with their upbringing, have pre-determined 99+% of the results that they will achieve in life. These 2 things determine most all of our personality traits, our ways of being, as well as how we think.

Literally, they were supposed to quit!

If a persons hunger is big enough, they’ll never quit. This is the character trait I was blessed with. Probably you too. But, it is less common than one would think.

How To Prevent Your Downline From Quitting

The most important thing you can do is learn to sort through and DISQUALIFY prospects quickly. Preventing the wrong people from joining in the first place solves the bulk of the problem.

Qualifying (or disqualifying) is good for them, and it is good for your business. Time is our most valuable resource. 95% of people are truthfully not ideal prospects. Those 95% should become customers instead!

Professionals are very selective as to who they bring in to the business.

One of the things I love about this business is you get to choose who you work with

If the prospect doesn’t strike you as hungry, they probably are not. If the prospect doesn’t strike you as serious, they probably are not! If the prospect is indifferent and lacks passion, network marketing is not going to be a good fit for them, nor them for your business. There are much better opportunities out there for an introvert than MLM.

Instead of having an open door policy (what kind of business has an open-door policy when they are hiring & recruiting?) begin to be much more selective of the people you bring into the business. This will greatly reduce the amount of attrition and downline quitting withing you organization.

For more great information on this topic, I encourage you to checkout the following free resource called: Why Top Recruiters Are Almost NEVER The Top Earners.

Have you ever thought about how to recruit quality people vs. just simply quantity? I think you’ll really benefit and get a tonne more value from that article.

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