MLM Prospecting Training – 4 Types Of Prospects

Most network marketers want to improve their prospecting skills. Here is an MLM prospecting training to help you properly approach the 4 types of prospects.

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Have you ever heard about the 4 types of prospects in network marketing?

I think you will find todays MLM prospecting training insightful, and my hope is that you get at least 1 valuable takeaway from it.

Network Marketing Prospecting Training

There are several skills related to network marketing, such as prospecting, setting an appointment, presenting, following-up, closing, and coaching.

If I could choose just 1 skill to focus on improving however, and I was ONLY allowed to choose 1, it would be prospecting.

The more prospects you put into your funnel, the more business partners and customers you will have come out of your funnel.

In thisĀ MLM prospecting training I am going to share with you about the 4 types of prospects. I have prepared this video to help you UP your prospecting game. I want to see you go out there, and make it happen… Ready to rock?!


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Friends, this is your time to shine. The time for excuses has passed. You have every opportunity to absolutely crush this thing. I’m behind you all the way. You got this!

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P.S. Friends, IF you are interested in properly learning the one CRITICAL SKILL that sponsors people with ease - This is the information I recommend - Especially if you're in this for the long-term and you like the idea of having a team that KNOWS WHAT TO DO!

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