1 Ninja MLM Voicemail Message That Gets Call-Backs!

If you’ve ever struggled with getting call-backs when prospecting, today I’m going to share a powerful MLM voicemail message that WORKS.

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I’ve made a few dials throughout my network marketing career. If you’re reading this, then I bet you have too.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you connected with the intended person on every single call?

Yes, it would. But its about as likely as vaulting to the top of your company without reading a single educational book.

(Not bloody likely…)

In the real world, we get a lot of answering machines while prospecting. After todays training, you’re going to know exactly how to leave a powerful MLM voicemail message that elicits a tonne call-backs!

How To Leave A Prospecting Voicemail Message In Network Marketing

When I teach this to new reps, they are often shocked by the number of call-backs they receive.

When you can connect with more people in the same amount of time, your overall results are modestly increased.

When you’re entire TEAM is connecting with more people in the same amount of time, your overall results are drastically increased.

Make SURE to teach this to your MLM team if you get benefit.

I have prepared this video for you which not only teaches you this simple MLM voicemail message word-for-word, but also goes behind the scenes to explain why it works and why it is so powerful when prospecting.


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