MLM Prospecting Vs. Marketing – Which Is Better?

Welcome! In this free training, I am going to share the difference between prospecting vs. marketing in MLM and WHICH is better!

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Lets dive into the MLM Prospecting Vs. Marketing debate.

Most people are familiar with prospecting in network marketing. It is the backbone of the business. However, many are not so familiar with marketing.

I would like to share my thoughts on prospecting and marketing, and give you my opinion on which is better for building a solid long-term business.

Network Marketing Prospecting Vs. Marketing

Prospecting in MLM is the active process of asking NEW people 1 of 2 simple questions:

  1. Are you open to making extra money?
  2. Would you be open to becoming my customer for xyz product / service?

Prospecting is the backbone of network marketing for a reason. If done properly, it is relatively “instant.” Meaning, you are able to collect a decision very quickly. You are limited only by the number of people you are willing to talk to.

I liken prospecting to piece work. The more numbers you go through, the more money you eventually make. In essence, you get paid for what you do.

Another way I like to think of MLM prospecting is like hunting. When you are hunting, you are actively going out to find your prey.

Now lets compare prospecting vs. marketing in MLM.

Marketing is a different strategy altogether. Marketing is more like fishing. You drop your line, and hope that an unknown individual responds to your bait.

Marketing is a passive activity. Meaning, you can fasten your rod to shore, cast your line, and go to bed. However, you may wake up with no fish on the hook. It can take a long time to figure out which bait works the best.

I have prepared this full training video to share my thoughts on prospecting vs. marketing. You will learn the real difference between the two AND which of the 2 is better.

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