MLM Recruiting: Who Are The Best Prospects To Go After?

In MLM, and wondering who are the BEST people to go after about your business? This training will share with you who you should be prospecting for your business.

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Most people in MLM have wondered who are the best prospects to go after?

I have been exposed to many theories on this, and have tried just about everything in my day…

Today I’m going to share with you the bottom line on this question of who should you be prospecting in MLM. We’ll make the distinction between who you should talk to about your business, and who you should talk to about becoming your customer.

Who Are The Best MLM Prospects?

I’ve heard many theories on the subject of who to approach in MLM. Would it be OK if I shared some of the things I have come across (and tried) in my day?

  1. Stick to your warm market. They already know you, and hopefully like & trust you. Yes this is true… But what happens when this runs out?
  2. Business owners. They already have influence, ambition, and business skills. No question… But should you keep your scope limited to only business owners?
  3. Cold market. They can’t judge you for what you’ve done (or haven’t done) in the past. And its unlimited. I agree with both statements. However, why bypass the people closest to you?
  4. Referrals. This gives you a foot in the door. These can be the absolute best kinds of prospects, no doubt about it. However, referrals are finite just like your warm market.
  5. Other network marketers. They already have MLM experience. This is a huge plus… But as a community, should we as network marketers be actively and specifically prospecting people from other companies? My opinion is, absolutely not. We should be focused on building-up the profession; not tearing it down from within. (Bonus Tip: Instead of actively targeting MLM’ers for your business OPPORTUNITY, instead focus on getting them as your customer. In fact, you could potentially become EACH OTHERS customer which would be of benefit to both parties!)

So, whats the correct answer? One of the things that I have learned about network marketing, is that the simplest approach will usually yield the best results. The above philosophies have there good points, but there is something even better.

Lets dig into the question of who you should approach in MLM about your business opportunity. As well, we’ll talk about cases when you should not present the opportunity, and focus instead on customer acquisition.

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