Should You Lead With The MLM Opportunity Or The Product?

Today I’m going to answer the question of whether you should lead with the product, or the MLM opportunity in network marketing.

leadingWondering if you should lead with your MLM opportunity or your product/service?

When I first started in network marketing, I faced this dilemma myself.

Recruiting was difficult in the beginning, and after several months of near complete failure, I decided to focus on acquiring customers instead.

I had more success at this, but looking back my gameplan was terrible; rooted in pure inexperience.

By the time I finished my failed “recruiting” campaign and somewhat successful customer acquisition campaign, I had blown through almost my entire warm market.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Lets face it – when we come into this profession, we really don’t have a clue. We might as well volunteer to do the next triple heart bypass down at the operating room.

Results? Disastrous. 😉

Thats why hands-on training and support is so important for new people joining your team. Keep thinking about how you can become the sponsor you wish you had.

Now, lets answer the question:

MLM Dilemma: Product Or The MLM Opportunity?

My first recommendation is to follow the leadership and the system that your company has in place to the letter. Give it an entire year, work hard, and learn as much as you can in that initial 365 day lap.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to look back.

If you’re struggling in network marketing after the first year, and you’re looking for answers, I’ll give you my personal opinion on the question of whether you should lead with the product or the opportunity in this quick video:


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