MLM Skills: How To Properly Setup A Follow-Up

Looking for MLM Skills training? This training will teach you exactly how to properly and professionally setup a follow-up appointment in network marketing.

followIf you’ve ever wondered how to setup a proper follow-up appointment in your network marketing business, this blog post and video will absolutely be helpful for you.

Proper Follow-Up: One Of The Fundamental MLM Skills

In sales, it is often said that the fortune is in the follow-up.

Network marketing is no different, as most people will not join your opportunity after just one exposure. That means you’re going to have to have to follow-up to get the business.

Follow-up is one of the most important MLM Skills.

For a lot of MLM-ers, this part of the business is less than desirable.

I totally get it. I was there too. In the back of your mind, you don’t want to come off needy. And how long should you wait? You don’t want them feeling like you’re chasing them.

So, whats the answer?

Today we’re going to talk about the importance of setting up a firm follow-up appointment in your network marketing business, and how it changes the entire dynamic.

MLM Skills: How Long Should I Wait Before Following-Up?

General rule of thumb: the sooner the better.

With every day that passes, the excitement of your prospect will fade.

Fears begin to outweigh their dreams. They become more and more susceptible to the naysayers. Their subconscious mind which tends to align with what it knows, is comfortable with, and familiar with… will begin to convince them that they’ll probably be OK without it, besides – they’ll probably fail at it, why bother trying, etc.

Bottom line, you want to try if at all possible to setup a firm follow-up with your prospect 24 hours later.

If next day is not possible, 48-72 hours is the next best thing. Remember, the sooner the better.

MLM Follow-Up Script: One Of Your Go-To MLM Skills

OK, so you’ve done the work of piquing your prospect, you’ve invited them to see some information about your network marketing business, that information has been presented to them, and they indicate afterwards that they’d like to think about it.

Now what? Should you leave it at that?

I wouldn’t do that if I were you 🙂

The key to eliminating chasing, phone tag, postponements, and delayed decisions that never end up getting collected… is setting up a firm follow-up.

Ready to learn one of the most important MLM skills?

In this video, I will give you several options that you can use to setup a firm follow-up with a prospect for your MLM business.



When you look back, can you see situations where this language may have been helpful? Have you ever been in a situation where your prospect was avoiding you because there was no firm follow-up appointment scheduled?

I hope this method of setting up a firm follow-up with your MLM prospects will be helpful for you in your journey.

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