MLM Social Media Tips: How To Recruit On Facebook

Wouldn’t it be cool to have people reaching out TO YOU about your business? Here are some great social media tips for How To Recruit On Facebook.

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Social media is a tremendous tool for any business IF used properly. Unfortunately, many people are using the technology incorrectly. Not only does this not help them, but it actually hurts them in some cases 🙁

Today I’m going to share exactly how to recruit on facebook.

How To Recruit On Facebook In Network Marketing

Ready to rock?! Lets dive right into it!

There are really 2 ways to answer the question of how to recruit on facebook.

  1. The 1st way is by active prospecting.
  2. The 2nd way is by attracting with value.

The topic of discussion for todays training will be the 2nd way: Attracting with value. Feel free to checkout a free training on the 1st way (active prospecting) by clicking here. BTW – You can most certainly use both social media recruiting methods at the same time (I recommend it!)

The 2nd way is super simple. It does however require patience, consistency, and a long-term vision. If you like the idea of prospects eventually reaching out to you, and you’re willing to put in the work, then this 2nd method may a game-changer for you.

I shot this video to share how to recruit on facebook using the 2nd method. In this training you will learn exactly what to do and what not to do, so can attract a giant audience; not repel your audience. Following these social media tips, you will be seen as a professional. This is the key.


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To Your Empowerment,
Colin Vickers



P.S. Friends, IF you are interested in properly learning the one CRITICAL SKILL that sponsors people with ease - This is the information I recommend - Especially if you're in this for the long-term and you like the idea of having a team that KNOWS WHAT TO DO!

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