Hello, and welcome to Network Marketing Empowerment! You probably found this site because you are either involved in network marketing, or are considering network marketing as a viable business opportunity.

This website is designed to bring enlightenment to the prestige of the network marketing profession, and to help YOU become a better network marketer.

Here is my story…

Early Days

Growing up, I watched my father work extremely hard in the construction industry with very little time off over his 40 year career. Getting up for work at 3:30am took a toll on dads body, and he lived in a constant state of exhaustion – surviving from nap to nap.

He eventually became a boss within the small company he worked for, but he was never an owner. I can remember several instances as a youth where my father instilled in me the wisdom to never work for anybody else, and instead be the business owner.

As the years passed by, my own observation of my dads difficult reality only further engrained this idea of “business ownership” into my subconscious mind.

I must profess with honourable mention and great respect: I will never know the level of strength and willpower that my dad possessed to work as hard as he did to provide the very best for his family.

To mom who raised us with infinite love, and dad who worked tireless to provide, my heart is filled with sincere gratitude

Starting My Journey

After high school, I was a good boy and took the path that we were influenced to take by our educational system: Go to college/university, get good grades, get a good education, so you could get a good paying secure job. I enrolled into university, filled with hope and possibility.

At around the 2 year point though, it became quite clear that school just wasn’t for me. I came to resent the education that I voluntarily signed up for. But, I had the discipline to finish what I started. After 5 years of life, about $50,000 in expenditure, broke, and unhappy… I finally completed my university education.

My destiny was to start a company, and thats what I did during my 2nd year of university. I started a small business, and it allowed me to pay my way through university while being my own boss.

Upon graduation, I was staring at a fork in the road. All of my classmates were looking for employment with a solid company, which would provide good benefits, and a steady paycheque.

In the end, I decided to stay the course and continue forward with my business on a full-time basis. When business was slow or difficult, I must admit – the allure of a safe, dependable paycheque had crossed my mind… but I never budged on my decision to be a business owner, and continued forward with steady advancement.

Money But No Time

After a few years, I had built a decently successful business. As my company expanded I found myself working longer, harder, evenings, Sundays etc. I never wanted to turn down an opportunity, and never said “no” to anybody. I was willing to accommodate their schedule in order to get the business.

I thought by hiring people it would lessen the burden the business was placing on my time. It helped, but employing people came with its own set of challenges and headaches. The struggle and time investment was not worth the return. My eyes were peeled for new opportunities.

In late 2009 I co-founded a second company, and started building again from the ground up. The profit margins were better, and we were making good money. But it came with all the responsibilities of being a traditional business owner: Employee’s, Trucks, Repairs, Supplies, Insurance, Scheduling, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Difficult Customers, Problems, Headaches…

My whole life I had aspired to be my own boss and start my own business; now my businesses owned me. I was juggling 2 companies, my time was in poverty, and I constantly lived in a state of internal unrest. I was running the show, but I was really just trading time for money in a glorified way. My personal life outside of work was terribly malnourished, and it suffered greatly.

Maybe you too can identify, with the feeling of being pulled in 100 different directions, and having no internal peace?

Network Marketing Arrived

Then one day, I got the call. “Tuesday or Thursday?” I was asked. “I can make it on Thursday” I said. I showed up that evening to see the information. I knew in that moment: I was in. I was completely blown away by the business model, the leverage, the system, the revenue streams, the speaker, and the opportunity for residual income.

Thank god, that I got that call. It was everything that I had ever wanted in a business, and more. I got started 3 days later, and have not looked back. Since then, I have all but completely divested myself of my traditional businesses.

From the very beginning, I have been a student of the profession and have soaked up information like a sponge. I believe you can never stop learning, and I plan to be a student of the profession forever.

I have had the great fortune of being surrounded by some very strong leadership, as well as the pleasure of following many great professionals online. The books I have read, and courses I have taken have proven invaluable to my success.

DSCN0459Through this blog, my mission is to convey my knowledge to you in a meaningful, practical, and inspiring way as effectively as I possibly can.

If I can help bring into the mainstream spotlight the brilliance of this remarkable business model called network marketing, I believe it would be a worthy contribution, in my own small way.

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you in the comments section soon.

To Your Empowerment,
Colin Vickers

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