Network Marketing Advice To ELIMINATE Stalling

If you’re looking for Network Marketing Advice, this free objection-handling training will help you EASILY deal with “I want to think it over.”

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We’ve all been there… you have just invested 30-40 minutes getting to know the prospect, and sharing your business with them. Everything seems to have gone well. At the end of the presentation, the prospect tells you they want to “think it over.”

Sound familiar? I’m sure it does.

Today I’m going to share with you some of the best network marketing advice on how I handle this, and how you too can easily eliminate stalling, while gaining full control over the recruiting process.

Network Marketing Advice On Handling This Common Objection

First of all, lets talk about why people say they need to “think it over.”

First, is self-doubt. A lot of people struggle when it comes to believing in themselves. Second is fear. They may be worried what their spouse, family, or friends would say if they got involved with something off the “beaten path.” Third, they may not have the money but are embarrassed to share that. These are just a couple, but there are any number of reasons why prospects stall.

Sometimes, the prospect is not interested. However, they are trying to be polite and “let us down easy.” Saying that they need to think it over is a common way of performing this task, without rustling any feathers.

The truth is, the decision has already been made before the end of the presentation MOST of the time.

In a small number of cases, the prospect may actually be on the fence, and want to sleep on it.

When it comes to network marketing advice for this particular situation, here is what I will tell you:

Set a deadline.

I have prepared this training video for you help you increase the effectiveness of your network marketing recruiting, especially if you are frequently running into the “think it over” objection. If you put into action the network marketing advice that I share in this video, you will eliminate stalling and gain much more control over the recruiting cycle. Enjoy the video!


There are really no network marketing success secrets, rather just information that is available in the marketplace IF we make it our mission to go out and find that information.

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