Network Marketing Follow-Up Like A Pro

Here is the valuable lesson my dentist taught me about Network Marketing Follow-Up!


He said: “It’s like pulling teeth!

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Seriously though, there is something that my dentist understands about business that is absolutely brilliant.

And, if we apply this to Network Marketing, things become a whole lot easier.

Most MLM’ers struggle with Network Marketing Follow-Up.

This story will help.

I am going to share something that my dentist has done with me for 25 years, and I want you to ask yourself if your dentist does the same.

After my cleaning is complete, I go to the front desk to pay, I get a receipt, and that should be it. Right?

Well, not quite.

There is one final step, and here it is.

The receptionist will always book my next appointment before I leave.

Simple, yet powerful. It is part of the dentists “system” to make sure that the schedule is perpetually filled.

It has become part of the culture of the office.

It has become a habit.

The dental office does not call me 24 hours after my appointment, leave me voicemails, and play phone tag for a couple days in an effort to book my next cleaning for 6 months down the road.

Nor do they wait 6 months after my cleaning and then try to book an appointment with me at that time; wrestling to align their openings with my availability and willingness.

No, no, no, no.

They book the next appointment during the current appointment.

And this simple change in philosophy is sheer brilliance.

Now, you want to apply this same habit to your network marketing business with both prospects, and distributors. Here is what you need to remember when you are recruiting:

Always book the followup call with your prospect before the end of the current exposure

How To Do It Properly When It Comes To Network Marketing Follow-Up

Quick example.

So, a prospect attends your in-home presentation. They are interested, but have more questions and want to do some research. You give them some information, like a brochure or DVD to review.

Now the final step is to book the follow-up call.

Always make sure you schedule the next appointment before you end the current appointment.

It is now confirmed that you will be calling on a certain day and time. An appointment has been set. They are more likely to make reviewing the information a priority, and will be more likely to think about making a decision.

Next example.

Now when it comes to distributors, the advice is very similar:

Always book the next appointment with your new distributor during the current appointment, phone call, or event.

Just because somebody has joined your team, doesn’t mean that the rules of human behavior no longer apply.

When you bring on a new distributor, they need to be lead by you.

Always plant the seed of what the next step will be, and what is coming down the pipeline.

This will provide them well-needed structure, and they will be more likely to stay the course knowing that there is always something coming up next on the schedule.

So, easy enough right? A simple adjustment in habit. Instead of chasing your people to follow-up / book appointments, playing phone tag, and ultimately losing influence.

Since most people are weak with Network Marketing Follow-Up, this lesson may be a timely one.

Make this one of your Network Marketing success principles, both with prospects and new distributors.

It is a habit that my dentist taught me over a period of many years, and if you adopt in in YOUR business, it will serve you well too.


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