Network Marketing Recruiting Tips For Leaders

Are you a leader in network marketing looking for network marketing recruiting tips? Here is EXACTLY how to setup a successful prospecting call.

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Today I am going to peel back the curtain, and share with you one of the exclusive videos from our 28+ module advanced-level network marketing training course, appropriately called The Advanced Course.

As a token of my appreciation for YOU, I will keep this module up here so you can freely view it.

In the video, I will share some network marketing recruiting tips particularly about how to setup a successful prospecting call.

Network Marketing Recruiting Tips

  1. YOU must be the one to step-up and lead your team. They are struggling with the same things you are! IF you go ahead and take the reigns, everything will change for you down the road. 100% responsibility.
  2. Work with your people. I can’t stress this enough. In fact, the video you’re about to watch talks about how to SETUP a prospecting call to one of your business partners’ prospects.
  3. Be a professional. Whatever you do, do your best. Give it absolutely 100%, and be the best version of yourself in any given moment. In the video, I share the importance of writing things down, as a PROFESSIONAL.

The video I am about to share is part of our 28+ module advanced network marketing training course. I am giving you a free unrestricted access pass to this module, because I think there will be a valuable takeaway or two within it. To set the stage for the video, understand that I like to work hands-on with my new business partners. BEFORE we make a 3-way call to one of their prospects, there is a checklist that I go through first to gather intelligence about the prospect. I think you will get value from this!


IF you would like to be a student of our advanced-level network marketing training course, feel free to get more information by clicking on the image below.

network marketing recruiting tips for leaders

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