Network Marketing Sponsoring: An Important Talk

Want to improve your Network Marketing Sponsoring? My hope is that this free training will have a tremendous impact on your philosophy and mindset in MLM.

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Network marketing sponsoring like a professional requires that you adopt a very specific mindset.

The philosophy of a professional typically takes years to develop, however that process can be accelerated by taking in really good information.

Today I’m going to have a heart-to-heart talk with you about how to take your MLM sponsoring to a whole new level. If you truly buy into what I’m about to share with you, it will entirely change how your FEEL about prospecting and sponsoring in network marketing.

Most importantly however, todays message is important for our industry as a whole. I believe that it is increasingly important for us to work together in elevating the way we do what we do.

MLM Sponsoring Tips

There are some universal truths in life which we can apply to our network marketing sponsoring philosophy. Allow me to illustrate these truths using some specific examples that we can all relate to:

In dating/relationships for example, what happens when one person pursues the other person too aggressively? The other person naturally pulls away. Imagine you told somebody that they needed to be with you! At this point, its already game over. And the more you tried to convince them of the reason(s) why, the further they would resist. It is human nature to run away from anything that is chasing you. Not only does this aggressive tactic fail, but you lose virtually all respect. Desperation is repelling.

Have you ever seen something similar with network marketing sponsoring?

In traditional job hiring, what would happen to the business if everybody qualified for the position, regardless whether they were the right individual or not? Furthermore, can you imagine the interviewer convincing the candidate why they should take the position?! Not only would the business eventually fail, but the new employee would immediately be suspect about the companies viability, due to the desperate hiring procedures. (Of course, this is not at all how hiring works, looks, or feels.)

Do we sometimes exhibit similar behavior re: MLM sponsoring in our profession?

Last example – What happened in 2008 as the result of banks giving mortgages to unqualified buyers? From the banks perspective, the more mortgages they gave out, the more money they made on interest. So they gave out mortgages to pretty much everybody; whether they could afford them or not. The banks were thinking dollar signs, instead of properly qualifying their clients. Big mistake, and we all know what happened next.

Do distributors sometimes see prospects as potential dollar signs, as opposed to looking for the right people to build a long-term business with?

In this video, we’re going to outline the correct philosophy for professional MLM Sponsoring. I encourage you to be a little bit introspective, and truly evaluate what is in your heart when prospecting and recruiting. Do you want that prospect to join badly, or are you authentically OK with them NOT joining? Lets look at exactly where our mind & heart needs to be, when prospecting and recruiting.


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Feel free to share todays post with others IF you got value, and feel this was important information. I look forward to growing together with you on this network marketing journey! Talk to you soon 🙂

To Your Empowerment,
Colin Vickers



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