How To Protect Your Team Against Rejection In MLM

Are you looking for an inspiring way to help your network marketing team become immune to rejection, and prevent overall quitting? I have something valuable for you.

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Nobody likes to hear the word “no,” – there is a sense of failure inherently attached to the rejection.

We have been inadvertently conditioned to feel this way from a very young age.

That being said, 999 out of 1000 “no’s” that we hear, DO NOT carry with them a hurtful, mean spirited, personal attack upon us!

Rather, it is US who attach the negative emotion, sense of failure, and the personal hurt to hearing a NO…

Protect Against Rejection In MLM

How powerful would it be to help your MLM team implement a slight mindset change? Just a slight change in thinking.

What if YOU were at peace with the fact that hearing no’s are a mandatory part of the journey that will eventually free you and your family forever… and you could convey this to your network marketing team as well.

What if you became truly detached from the outcome of collecting any prospects decision?

I want to share with you a very powerful video, that I believe would be an asset for you to share with your team. I will link to it below for you to check it out.

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Below is a direct link to the video that I want to share with you today. I found this video to be very inspiring, and as such I wanted to pass it along to you. Don’t forget to share this with teammates if you think they could benefit by hearing this too!

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