Quit From Quitting In MLM

Why do people quit in Network Marketing? Learn precisely how to quit yourself from quitting in MLM, and help your team do the same.

prevent quitting in mlm

Feel like quitting sometimes?

There is nothing at all wrong with you. Most every single person has wanted to quit at some point or another in their MLM journey.

Desire alone is not enough to prevent somebody from quitting.

When it comes to quitting in network marketing the most powerful immunizer of all is mindset training.

Why People Quit In Network Marketing

But first, lets investigate why people quit in MLM. Here are 3 reasons why people decide to throw in the towel:

  1. Unrealistic expectations. People quit when they have unmet expectations about what they believed would happen in their business.
  2. Rejection. It is hard for the majority of people to hear the word no, or not receive support; especially from those people that are closest to them.
  3. Short-term vision. Some people put a private egg-timer on their business (Ex. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc.) When the sand runs out, so does their motivation.

How To Prevent Quitting in Network Marketing

This next list is for me, you, your team, and your future team; it applies to everybody.

The #1 way to prevent quitting is through mindset training.

Here are some suggestions to incorporate into your “Getting-Started” training process. And remember, it all begins with you and me. We must become the part, before we ever expect to inspire others.

  1. Think long term. This business demands a full 5 years to learn the skills, strategy, and mindset necessary to be successful.
  2. Be OK with NO. New people must be prepared and even expecting the negativity, skepticism, ignorance, and lack of support that is 100% headed their way.
  3. Whats the alternative? Could the path before network marketing lead you to your ultimate vision? I always think about the other side of the fence. Sometimes a little bit of perspective is all it takes to put you firmly back on-track.
  4. Seek support. Upline, sideline, online, books, audio’s etc. Going into our shell when chips are down is the worst thing a person can do. We are all 100% responsible for seeking support.
  5. Equipping with skills. If a new person masters a few basic skills at the very beginning, they will have a small but solid foundation to grasp hold of. As leaders, we are all 100% responsible for ensuring our new people are learning these basic skills.
  6. Results. The #1 way I know to keep somebody in the game is by helping them get results. When people are making money, they are all but vaccinated against the threat of quitting.


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