Recruiting Training: MLM Communication Skills

Looking for Recruiting Training for your home business? This MLM network marketing training will help you immediately improve your communication skills.

communicationIf you like recruiting training for your MLM network marketing business, this video will benefit you.

If we’re going to talk to people about our network marketing business, we’ve got to learn some skills right?

When you boil it down, the difference between professionals and amateurs in network marketing is recruiting training.

The words that come out of our mouth make all the difference in the world.

This is true when piquing, inviting, presenting, closing, and following-up.

The people that are in top production have mastered some skills, and then taught those skills to others. Its that simple.

So how do you improve your skills in MLM?

The Foundation Of Any Recruiting Training Is To Master The Basics

You know the scripts I’m talking about. The lines that you wish you could recall at a moments notice, but couldn’t because you hadn’t mastered the basics – we’ve all been there.

You knew that you should have said something else, but you couldn’t recall what that something else was. This happens when you have not memorized the basics.

These fundamentals must become part of the fabric of your vocabulary: An effective pique, a few different invitations, a solid presentation, a powerful closing sequence, some objection handling skills, and and strong follow-up methodology.

How can we commit these basic skills to memory?

More on that in the video. Lets first talk about another skill that is equally important: The skill of listening.

Recruiting Training 101: The Skill Of Listening

God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.

The true masters of communication in this great profession have mastered the skill of listening.

This means when you are sitting down with somebody for a 2on1, ask them questions, and then actively listen to them.

Find out what is important to them, and then show them how they can attain what they want in life.

Another example of this is in objection handling. When somebody throws at you an objection, reflect that objection back onto them and ask “does that basically describe how you’re feeling?”

Before you ever handle an objection, make sure the prospect feels listened-to and heard; belabour the point first, so they get it that you get it. Try it next time!

MLM Communication Skills: Practice Is The Key To The Vault

Whether its basketball, piano, calculus, ballet, or network marketing… there is one discipline that without this, there can be no mastery in any subject.

In this video, I will give you a little strategy that you an use to master any script, line, or phrase that you know you’ll need to recall in a moments notice in the future.

Implement this strategy, and you’ll be will on the road to becoming a master communicator.


We can’t expect to make above-average money, if we’re not willing to commit to above-average practice. This business is all about skills, and the best way to learn a skill is to practice with repetition.

So the next time you hear something sharp, that was powerful & effective, and most importantly that got the desired result – write it down! Then take it in front of the mirror, and practice using the technique I shared in the video.

You’ll be blown away at how deeply that will cement it into the fabric of your sub-conscious memory.

And don’t forget to actively listen, and make sure your prospect feels listened to. Combine listening with powerful words, and you will be well on your way to becoming a better communicator in your MLM business.

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