From Struggling In Network Marketing To Peace Of Mind

If you are frustrated and Struggling in Network Marketing, I understand how you feel. Todays advice WILL help you find success AND peace of mind.

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This blog is written for the common network marketer; the person who is out there in the trenches slugging it out; the person who loves network marketing, who is serious about winning, but perhaps stuck at a certain level; the person who is just starting, and trying to figure this out.

My intention has always been to provide training that is practical, easy to implement, and makes an immediate difference.

When you’re struggling in network marketing, it can take a toll on how you feel about your business, yourself, and your future. Today we’re going to address this very important issue with some SPECIFIC advice.

How To Escape Struggling In Network Marketing

Have you ever been so frustrated with your lack of results, that you’ve seriously considered quitting?

In the midst of my struggling in network marketing, I must admit, there were certainly times that I too considered this.

Looking back on those times now, I realize that it was MY mindset that was the problem. I wanted things done yesterday, as per my timeframe and expectations. As a result I felt that things weren’t working out. I thought maybe I was a fool, and just wasting my time; maybe this network marketing thing wasn’t for me. Can you identify with any of this?

My advice for you is to find BALANCE in your life outside of network marketing.

Network marketing is not the solution to all your problems! It IS a long term vehicle to freedom. But we’re talking really long term, as is success in any business.

It is so important that you make it priority in your life to feel good NOW!

If you have an exhaustion problem, force yourself up at 6am and in bed by 9pm. If you’re a shift worker, schedule a daily nap.

If you have a financial problem and you don’t have a job, immediately go out with resumes in hand and start planting seeds (in person.) If you already have a job, consider picking up something else part-time, 2 or 3 shifts per week. Do not spend a penny more than your necessities. Remember – your finances are out of balance, and this IS necessary temporarily to regain your balance.

If you are down in the dumps, see the above 2 paragraphs. Affirm “I am a champion!” every time you remember to do so. Walk for 15-20 minutes per day, either outside or on the treadmill. Eat what you know is good for you, and avoid what you know is not good for you. Failure to do the things we know we should be doing is simply neglect.

“But Colin, my credit cards are maxed out and I need money like I need air to breathe!!” Again, network marketing is not the solution. Its just not. Long term it can be. Short term, no.

I have prepared this video for the person who is frustrated, and struggling in network marketing. You may be feeling that you need this thing to work NOW. Perhaps you’re even starting to put deadlines on your success. “If I don’t see results by x date, I’m through.” This is the danger zone folks. I’ve got your back. Go ahead and watch this video. Know that I can identify with how you’re feeling.


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To Your Empowerment,
Colin Vickers



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