How To Succeed In MLM: Chasing Vs. Proper Follow-Up

Have you ever worried that your follow-ups may be seen as bugging, chasing, or desperation? Checkout this FREE training on How to Succeed In MLM.

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If you’re like most serious network marketers, you are constantly and never ending seeking better answers to the question of how to succeed in MLM.

Today I’m going to make a powerful distinction on the topic of what it looks like to follow-up with a prospects as a professional, vs. coming off needy, pushy, and “buggy.” (Clearly not a word in this context, but we are going with it anyways 🙂 )

How To Succeed In MLM Professionally Without Chasing

Before we jump into the main event, here are a few tips on the topic of professional follow-up:

  1. Be interested in the prospects life, and ask about specific things that came up during your last conversation. Show that you were listening as to whats important to them.
  2. Don’t trust your memory. Professionals take good notes on each conversation. Always write it down.
  3. Consider providing value to the prospect in between follow-ups. This might be an email to a video or article that you feel could benefit the prospect. Let them know you saw something, and thought of them.

This video training is all about how to succeed in MLM as a professional, and avoiding the mistakes of the chaser, the bugger, and the needy. These amateur mistakes are things we have all made, so don’t feel bad. Network marketing is a journey of course correction, where you constantly learn new things all the time. The key is to immediately implement what you learn, and teach your team as well.


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