The MLM Recruiting Cycle: Keep It Super Simple

MLM recruiting is most effective when the recruiting cycle is kept short and simple. This training will help you with your home business recruiting.


Struggling with MLM recruiting?

This training will help simplify the entire recruiting cycle.

First, lets define your job when recruiting.

Your job as a recruiter in network marketing is to collect decisions

(Never do anything in your business, unless you know why you’re doing it.)

There are 4 basic steps in the MLM recruiting cycle.

  1. Pique interest
  2. Invite
  3. Present
  4. Collect a decision

The first step is simply to pique interest.

You will do this by asking them a question, or by making a statement that will raise their level of interest in regards to a possible opportunity.

Once you’ve got their attention, you want to either get their contact information and call them within 24-48 hours (if this is a cold market prospect,) or invite them to see your business (if this is a warm market prospect.)

Step 2 you simply invite them to look at some information or attend an event.

(Step 1 & Step 2 are often combined for warm market prospects; but separate for cold market prospects.)

What you do not want to do at Step 1 or 2 is go into the details of your opportunity, and start doing a presentation right then and there.

Step 3 is quite simple: The prospect see’s your presentation.

If you are not going to be there in-person when the prospect see’s the information, make sure you book a firm step 4 appointment to collect a decision.

Step 4 is simply where you collect a decision.

Either you are calling them as per your follow-up appointment booked after step 2, or you are collecting a decision immediately following them seeing the live presentation.

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The prospect can fall into 3 different categories at this point. Either they are ready to get started, they are not interested, or they need more information.

If they are not interested, ask them to try one of your products / services and ask for a referral.

If they are ready to join, this is a good time to sign them up 🙂

If they need more information, give them some more information and schedule a firm appointment for a 3-way phone call where an expert will answer all their questions.

Understanding the MLM recruiting cycle inside and out is one of the keys to mastering our great profession.

Your job is to put as many people through this recruiting cycle as possible.

The recruiting cycle is commonly referred to as your pipeline, or your funnel.

Increasing the number of people you put in the pipeline will also increase the amount of decisions you are collecting at Step 4.

Now imagine if your entire group understands the recruiting cycle inside and out!

Can you see how quickly things can begin to grow?

KISS: Keep It Super Simple!

I hope this helped you, and provided more clarity as to the structure of the MLM recruiting cycle.

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To Your Empowerment,
Colin Vickers



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