The Truth About Network Marketing Duplication

Today I would like to share some important thoughts about Network Marketing Duplication, which is really the key to building a walk-away residual income.


Struggling with Network Marketing Duplication?

You’ve got a few people into your business, but the “magic” is just not happening.

Your new business partners have not recruited their 2 or 3 people.

They are simply not duplicating. Why is this?

The reason is because duplication will not happen by itself.

How To Get Network Marketing Duplication

You must set it in motion within your organization by teaching skills hands-on and working closely with your leaders.

Duplication in Network Marketing is a natural by-product of education and hands-on training

And this is a process. It is a journey. It could take 6 months to a year to really anchor a leg, create some solid depth, find some leaders, and have your system duplicating without you.

You must be prepared to be the engine that will set the duplication in motion.

It is hard work, and will not happen by itself.

Only through educating people and teaching skills hands-on will you ever get true Network Marketing Duplication.

My next thought on duplication is that each step in the process needs to be simple, easy, and do-able; so easy, that a ten year old could do it.

For example, expecting your fairly new business partner (less than 3 months in the business) to do their own presentations is not duplicatable (A few go-getters might try, but the majority will shy away.)

The easier the task, the more easier it can be duplicated

Let me give you an example to illustrate this point. Certain sales types with very strong personalities, charisma, and sheer strength-of-will can recruit large numbers of people based solely on their unique skills and work ethic.

However, their performance simply cannot be duplicated easily because most people they bring into the business will not be sales-types (90+% of people are not sales types.)

So instead of being the do-it-all leader who tries to be everything for everyone, everywhere… put that same effort into teaching your people the skills hands-on, and build a culture of “paying it forward.”

The last thing I will say about duplication is to coach people on the level that they are at. Not everybody is going to learn at the same pace, or perform at the same pace.

As the leader, you must have the discernment to understand what people need at that particular time, and then focus on helping them master that one thing. If you coach people at a level that they are not ready for, they will simply become overwhelmed and confused.

People who are overwhelmed and confused generally do nothing. And you don’t want nothing duplicating in your organization.


So here is the bottom line. The only way to build a huge global organization is to set into motion the powerful process called duplication. Duplication is a byproduct of educating your people, and teaching them the skills hands-on.

The tasks must be easy to do, so easy in fact that a ten-year old could do them. And whatever level your business partner is at, is the level you should coach them at.

If you overwhelm people, your chances of duplication vanish quickly. So keep it simple, teach skills hands-on, and work closely with your leaders who will then pay it forward and teach others further downline.

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