Using Feel Felt Found For MLM Objection Handling

Wondering about the “feel felt found” method of handling objections in network marketing? Take a look at these specific examples of how a feel felt found response works well in MLM.

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Today’s training is all about using feel felt found to handle objections in MLM.

Handling MLM Objections With Feel Felt Found


Hi Everyone!

When it comes to handling objections in network marketing, it is better to act as a consultant as opposed to a salesperson.

A powerful formula to structure your response to common objections is to use the FEEL, FELT, FOUND response.

Ex. Prospect says they don’t have the time

“John I understand completely how you feel. When I started the business 2 years ago, I also had zero time, I was insanely busy, always exhausted, and felt really trapped by my own responsibilities. What I found is that if nothing changed, my life in 5 years time would be the same rat race as it was 5 years previous. Freeing myself of that life was important enough to find the time to make a change. If you decided that having time freedom to be at home with your family was important enough, would you find the time?”

TIP: Remember to end your statements with a question!

Example 2 – Feel felt found MLM Objection Handling for attending conventions.

(YES – Feel felt found can be used with your TEAM as well!)

“John I can actually identify with how you feel. What my mentor Mr./Ms. xyz asked me to attend my first convention, I absolutely did not feel like spending the time nor the money, and I ended up blowing them off. What I found though is that the people who attended the convention came home with the best of the best training in hand, and they were the ones working hard and making the money. 3 months later, I ended up attending my very first convention. The level of training completely blew me away, and I realized in that moment that NOT attending the convention 3 months earlier, had really held me back. I have never missed another one since. If attending the convention would allow you to accelerate your results by 6 months to a year, would you find the money and make the time to be there with me?”


Overcoming objections without “hard selling” is a powerful skillset to have on your MLM toolbelt!

Practicing this out loud is the key to cementing this language into your vocabulary.

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