What Is Residual Income?

Residual Income is an absolute blessing, when you have it in your life. Wondering What Is Residual Income? Lets look at one of the best ways to get it.


Want Residual Income?

Most people earn income by trading their time for money; hours for wages, hours for commissions, or hours for a salary.

For a lot of my working years, I too exchanged time for money.

I’ve worked minimum wage jobs, and also started businesses.

Running a small business provides more freedom than employment, but in many cases its really just a glorified job.

From the outside in, things look great. But from the inside looking out, it can be an exhausting, all-encompassing, disruptive place to be.

If you’ve ever worked for yourself or started a company from scratch, you know what I mean. Running your own small business is far from anything that resembles true Residual Income.

So Then, What Is Residual Income?

Residual income is simple. Do something one time, and get paid over and over again on that one effort.

Only a select few professions get paid in this manner, and it is a very powerful way to earn income.

Think about authors, actors, and musicians. They write/film/record something one time and get paid over and over again every time the books, tickets, and CD’s are sold.

Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson have both left this earth, but their estate still earns money on their recordings.

They call this a Royalty in the music business, but it is just another word for residual income.

Residual income can also be called Passive Income.

Now, I have never filmed a movie, or recorded a song. Personally I have no talent or interest to do either of those things.

What about rental income?

In real estate, a landlord earns Residual Income from tenants every month without having to directly exchange their time for money in order to receive that rent payment.

The obstacle here of course, is the up-front costs, risks, and headaches associated with purchasing real estate, and maintaining good tenants.

Investing is a great initiative in the long run, but requires capital to begin with and there is always inherent risk involved.

There is only one business model that I am aware of, which is capable of generating serious Residual Income without any qualifications, without large up-front investments, without any risk, and without any employee’s.

Of course no surprise, that business model is called Network Marketing.

Through the power of Network Marketing, anybody with a BIG desire and BIG work-ethic can get paid Residual Income like those hollywood actors/actresses do.

How incredible is that?

The night I saw the presentation for my company, I was blown away at the opportunity of residual income for such a modest startup cost.

It is something that I have chased my whole life, through leverage in other forms such as hiring employee’s and capital investments.

You cannot fully appreciate the power of Residual Income until it is showing up in your mailbox every single week. I will be forever grateful for my company, my mentors, and my sponsor who thought enough of me to invite me over to his house that night.

To this day, I have never seen a better business model more conducive to attaining, actual, genuine freedom through Residual Income.

What would time & money freedom mean to you? How would Residual Income impact your life? Why not create a life of freedom for you and your family?


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