The #1 All-Time Biggest Reason Why People Fail In MLM

Curious to know why people fail in network marketing? I’m going to share the #1 biggest reason why people fail in MLM, so stay tuned.

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The following network marketing training was actually something that I had sent privately to my TEAM, and I wanted to re-produce that here so YOU could have access to it, and hopefully benefit from it.

I think this exercise will shed some light onto why people fail in network marketing, while greatly improving your odds of success!

Sound good?!

Why People Fail In Network Marketing

The single greatest reason why people fail in network marketing is because they don’t talk to enough people on a consistent, on-going basis.

Knowing what to say is easy, and can be memorized in just one day.

So we’re assuming that the person intellectually knows what to say; yet, they don’t say those words to enough people on a consistent, on-going basis.

Which begs the question. What does it actually look like to “work” your network marketing business?

  1. Asking people to become your customer.
  2. Asking people if they keep their income options open.

Cold market / warm market or offline / online doesn’t really matter.

What matters is, are the conversations taking place on a consistent on-going basis, OR NOT?

How many hours per week are you “working” your business?

Here is the greatest exercise I’ve ever heard of when it comes to keeping yourself honest about your commitment to “working” your business.

Using a regular stopwatch, start the clock every-time you start talking to somebody about your business who is not already a customer or a rep. Then, stop the stopwatch when that conversation is over.

The cumulative time on your stopwatch at the end of the week will give you a very good indication of how much time you are actually working your business.

This is a VERY revealing exercise for anybody who is serious about winning in their network marketing business…

Can you see how this exercise reveals the dead-giveaway truth about why people fail in network marketing?

The time on the stopwatch will give you a very good indicator about the health of your business.

If you put in that much time in at your current job if you have one, or a past job if you are not currently working – how much money would you earn?

Would you be deserving of a promotion?

Ask yourself this question: Would you hire you, based on your current level of commitment?

Do you agree that this stopwatch exercise should give us a very fair indicator about our results, momentum, and income?

One of the most empowering things you can do is to take 100% responsibility for your business, your results, and your income.

Particularly, it has helped me understand the meaning and the power behind the word focus.

Over the long run, we will always reap what we sow; no more, no less.

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To Your Empowerment,
Colin Vickers



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