What Does The Future Of Network Marketing Look Like?

Curious as to what the future of network marketing looks like? This information will help you stay 1 step ahead of the MLM curve.

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Although it is impossible to 100% accurately predict the future, today I am going to share with you what I believe, with a very high degree of certainty, what the future of network marketing looks like (NOT a company pitch.)

The Future Of Network Marketing

First and foremost, lets establish a fundamental truth – network marketing is, and always will be a people business. People follow, partner with, work with, and do business with OTHER people. This will never change.

Traditionally, a network marketing business has been built primarily through the warm market of each new distributor. Most network marketers (probably you) are familiar with hotel meetings, home meetings, and 1 on 1 presentations.

I believe the future of network marketing will continue to utilize warm market AND the strategies of hotel meetings, home meetings, and 1 on 1 presentations. It makes common sense, and good business sense to have a “grand opening” for a new business, and invite everybody that you know to your grand opening (I especially like home meetings.)

the future of network marketing

That being said, what I also see in the future of network marketing are better strategies being taught to the new distributor AFTER they have burned through their warm market.

I can remember being extremely frustrated after I had gone through my warm market. There really wasn’t a solid strategy in place for people who had exhausted their list. I didn’t really know what to do…

Can you relate?

Luckily, I was one of the few “grinders” with a no-quit attitude, and I made it through the dry patches. Most do not.

Wouldn’t it be cool if YOUR team had a system that looked something like this:

Phase #1 – Warm Market: Teach traditional methods. Focus on traditional methods UNTIL the new rep had exhausted their list and/or ran out of team momentum; at which point jump into Phase #2.

Phase #2 – Internet Marketing: Teach the new rep how to properly use the internet to expand their associations and continue to build their network.

I am a BIG believer in leveraging your warm market … But I can’t tell you how much I WISH there was a “Phase #2 Training” waiting for me AFTER I had burned through my warm market!

Is this making sense with you? Resonating??

IF so checkout this tremendous video on what to do AFTER you have burned through your warm market.

Remember, your team, or your future team, is struggling with the SAME things that you are! Why not YOU be the one learning, perfecting, utilizing, and soon teaching the solution?

Click here to hear MY mentor talk about the future of network marketing. I think you’ll get a tonne of value.

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